15 Ways To Cool Your Home Without Cranking Up The AC

Summer is well on its way and with it comes the rising temperatures. Cranking up your air conditioner can use a lot of electricity which can cost you a pretty penny. But there are ways to reduce costs in the summer months while keeping your home cool.

Here Are 15 Ways To Cool Your Home Without Cranking Up The AC:

1) Invest In Blackout Curtains

These bad boys insulate your home from harsh temperatures. So, they block out the sun and heat in the summer and keep out the cold in the winter. Neutral-colored curtains with a white plastic backing are said to reduce heat gain by 33 percent in the summer.

2) Switch Up Your Sheets

Most of us like heavy textiles like flannel or fleece on our beds in the winter. These should be switched out for lighter fabrics like cotton in the summer which breath easier and stay cooler. You might want to also invest in buckwheat pillow which allows air to flow in between the buckwheat hulls so they don’t capture body heat.

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